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Our organization specializes in offering tailor made range of Landscaping Services for commercial and residential establishments. These services are organized with a view to make maximum utilization with the available space and give an aesthetic view to the area.  We use various kinds of shrubs. ornamental plants, creepers, etc., to beautify the landscape.

We offer comprehensive range of services to enhance the beauty of particular place and the finished product is a pleasure to the eye. These services include:

Landscape Designs

HI-TECH HORTICULTURE offers variety of Landscape Designs which include paving of pathways, proper placing of water body, vegetation planting, placing the furniture and fountains at the appropriate places. The wide array of services transform the look of both interior and exterior. We also use steps, pergola, lighting, placing idols, statues, sculptures, etc.,  to enhance the beauty of door spaces. Our range of landscape services also include designing for fencing, boundary fixation with pebbles and stone fixing.

Landscape Installation

Once the design is complete, our experienced construction team takes up the task of ensuring the vision of the proposed design is brought to life. We have an excellent  team with  vast experience experience in the field of landscape construction and horticulture and are committed in delivering the highest standard of work on each and every project. You can be rest assured that the ultimate finished product is marvelous and a feast to the eyes.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is the critical vocation of preserving the health, safety, cleanliness and beauty of landscape. Maintenance protocols may include the pruning of plants, weed control, administration of fertilizers and pesticides, and mowing of lawns periodically. HI-TECH HORTICULTURE offers customized maintenance packages that are tailored to suit our clients’ individual landscaping requirements.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting systems are provided to illuminate and enhance the beauty of the landscape in the night. HI-TECH HORTICULTURE specializes in the implementation of efficient lighting systems which enlivens your landscape into an area of spectacular beauty. A variety of lights can be used to accentuate trees and highlight features such as swimming pools, fountains, gazebos, patios, and plants. HTH LANDSCAPING uses latest technology to implement landscape lighting systems of the highest quality that will best complement the beauty of your landscape.

Water feature and Automatic Irrigation

Water is the crucial element required for the sustenance of any beautiful landscape. A water feature can enhance the landscapes' environment by creating a mood of tranquility and peace by improving the surroundings  or just liven up the garden space.  HI-TECH HORTICULTURE has a variety of options to suit individual clients' needs.   We specialize in the design and installation of automatic irrigation system that will ensure regular and accurate provision of water to your landscape. We employ the latest irrigation technology that is installed and commissioned by experts, to help preserve your landscape’s natural radiance and beauty.

Landscape Gardening

We have a team of experienced garden trainers who are perfect  in making the landscape suitable for gardening purposes and facilitate plant & flower growth. These services can be customized in accordance with client's requirement. Furthermore, we use a variety of plants and flowers for offering these services. Our esteemed clients can avail these services at industry's leading prices. These services are acknowledged for their creativity and timely execution.

HI-TECH HORTICULTURE transforms an ordinary place in an extraordinary scenic beauty within a short span of time.
Our Services
Our Services