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Brief History:

M/s. HI-TECH HORTICULTURE (HTH) started as a Partnership firm with Shri. K. Chandrasekar as the Managing Partner and Smt. Santhana Lakshmi as the partner to carry out arboriculture and landscaping related activities. In the very first year of operations. HTH managed to secure a contract for Rs. 5 Lacs and successfully executed the same. Innovative designs, execution of projects on time, excellent maintenance helped HTH to increase its contract turnover from a meagre Rs. 5 lakhs in 1992 to 101 lakhs in 97-98, 245 lakhs in 2000 to 2006, continuously clocking an impressive average compounded growth rate of more than 40%. HI-TECH HORTICULTURE has been awarded prizes consecutively for 7 years for its design, development & maintenance by State Horticulture Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

HI-TECH HORTICULTURE has developed, various landscape sites in Government and Private Establishments at Mumbai in Maharashtra; Balasore in Orissa; Vishakapatanam in Andhra Pradesh; Hyderabad, Nagarjunasagar and Medak in Telangana; Manipal in Karnataka; Dindigul, Chennai in Tamilnadu, Goa, Mangalore and  Karwar.

HI-TECH HORTICULTURE over the years has built-up a different organization which can handle sites at different places and has also increased its credit worthiness which would help HTH to undertake any sort of landscaping work.

HI-TECH HORTICULTURE started with just 4 people including its partners. As the number of contractors increased in order to deliver quality work, HTH took another partner and also recruited managerial and supervisory staff over the years. Constant motivation and training the staff has resulted in good quality work through them. 

Implements and Accessories:
HI-TECH HORTICULTURE has constantly invested in latest  tools & equipment which ensure speedier completion of work. HTH has, on date, about 15 lakhs worth of tools and farm implements. A partial list of major items is enclosed in Annexure 3.

Financial Particulars:
HI-TECH HORTICULTURE, right from the inception has been making profits through effective management of resources and manpower. HTH ploughs back a part of its profit to train its staff and purchase of tools and implements. 
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